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As part of the Mojarras Private School methodology, there is a School for Parents which consist of a space of information, training and reflection addressed to parents on aspects related to parental functions. It is a resource to support families so they can adequately develop their educational and social functions, and overcome situations of need and social risk.

The School for Parents is one of the preventive programs that contribute to behavior modifications and the acquisition of healthy family dynamics guidelines.

With these actions it has been possible to integrate the parents, thus helping the children’s education. Parents are now more aware of their role and join the teacher’s efforts of teachers.

Among the topics addressed in the School for Parents are: Parent School Organization, Communication and Family Unit, Home Revenue Administration, Responsible Parenthood, Child Labor Prevention, Domestic Violence, School Bullying, Preventive Health, Self-Esteem , Reproductive sexual education, Prevention of malnutrition, School-age child feeding, and School orchard.

metodología de lectura de escuela mojarras

Banasa “Mojarras” School presents its reading methodology in the Preschool Congress

(Español) El objetivo de la exposición fue demostrar los resultados positivos que tiene la metodología “emergente” y promover la implementación de la misma a nivel nacional, a través del Ministerio de Educación.

Cooperativa Mi Gente_Asamblea anual 2017.4

BANASA Credits and Loan Coop held its annual meeting

The Savings and Loan Coop “Mi Gente” held its annual meeting to announce the results, projections and benefits.


115 children finished the BANASA“Growing up Healthy” program

BANASA, in partnership with the University of Colorado, implements the Growing Healthy program to help improve health and nutrition in rural Guatemala.

Escuela Mojarras de BANASA

BANASA helps raise the academic level of South Western region of Guatemala

Mojarras School implements a model focused on the student and his or her social and natural environment.

Un banano al dia.1

BANASA begins school snack program for the 2017 school year

BANASA’s Food and Nutrition Security Program “One banana a day”, which complements children’s school snacks, began in March in the municipalities of Ayutla, San Marcos and Caballo Blanco.


BANASA held the closing ceremony of the graduate Diploma on “Adaptation to Climate Change”

Banasa carried out a Diploma Program to strengthen local capacities and adopting measures in the face of climate change.


BANASA opens a new childbirth center to help Guatemalan families in the rural area

BANASA, in partnership with the University of Colorado, opened a new birth center as part of its current Health Clinic located in Los Encuentros, Coatepeque.

BANASA - Un banano al dia cambia tu vida

4,175 children benefited from the BANASA program “A banana a day changes your life”

(Español) BANASA, llevó a cabo las clausuras del programa “Un Banano al día cambia tu vida”, en el que donó más de 82,400 bananos a 4,175 niños de 7 escuelas.


Students from BANASA’s school were recognized

wo students from Banasa’s School Mojarras won recognition as fourth and fifth grade best readers in the southwestern region of Guatemala, in Funcafe’s Third Reading Contest.


(Español) La Escuela Mojarras de Banasa es modelo para otras escuelas

(Español) Por segunda vez, la escuela privada de Banasa, Mojarras, recibió la visita de docentes de escuelas de El Quetzal, La Reforma y Nuevo Progreso, del departamento de San Marcos, para conocer su metodología académica.